Mc Kinney outlets and light fixtures not working

Posted on July 7, 2010

A current customer in Mc Kinney called us out because she had some outlets and light fixtures not working.  She check the breaker in the panel box /  breaker box to make sure that none of the breaker were tripped.  She also checked all the GFI circuits to make sure that none of those had tripped.  After the Mc Kinney home owner checked all of these she called us out to see what was going on as to why her outlets / plug and lights were not working.  Once the electrician got to the Mc Kinney house he started to investigate the problem and found that a wire in the wall had been damaged by another person that the Mc Kinney home owner had working in the house.  The electrician was able to pin point where in the wall the wire was damaged and fix it.   If you have outlets / plugs or light fixtures that are not working give us a call.  We can get your electrical problems figured out for you.  We service Plano, Frisco, Mc Kinney, Little Elm, Allen, Mc Kinney, Addison, The Colony,  and many others.  Call today.